Calvin Vollrath - The Story Behind the Tunes

Where to buy Calvin’s Music

November 16, 2020

Is where you can buy Calvin's:

MP# Downloads
Sheet Music
Video Lessons
Aceto Fiddle Pickups
& more

Is where you can purchase or sign up for a subscription to Calvin Vollrath Fiddle Videos
Calvin has over 200 videos posted, teaching tunes, Cal Tips to help you improve your skills.
These lessons come with sheet music (if it's a Calvin original & most are on this site).
They also come with backing tracks so you can play along once you've learned the tunes.
All for well under $1 per day.
Crazy Affordable for most!!!

Calvin has his own fiddle camp in St. Paul Alberta, Canada called Camp Calvin.
This year was the 14th Annual and for the 1st time, it was held online with the Zoom video program.
It went so well and we created such a great atmosphere, we're doing it again on January 16-19, 2021.
All the information can be found at the link above. $100 CDN for a 4 day Camp.
Crazy Affordable for most!!!