Calvin Vollrath - The Story Behind the Tunes

Episode 7 - The Story Behind the Tunes - December 27, 2020

The last episode of 2020. Well it's been quite the year. Very devastating for many and I can say 1st hand, the music business has taken a big big hit. But we need to find the silver lining in everything and I have had to step outside of my normal life and do something else. I've been able to stay in the music business but take on different roles. I became a video editor for a couple of huge projects and now my podcast. Who knew?


So as we bid 2020 adieu, we look forward to 2021 and hopefully with the vaccine and it's promise, we will see an improvement in well being. Thanks covid-19 for making find new things to find myself busy.

I'm hoping you'll go to my website and look at all my products, cds, mp3 downloads, sheet music, video lessons, maybe you'll find jams & jellies (I doubt that though) and maybe purchase something...

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Episode 6 - The Story Behind the Tunes - December 20, 2020

Here we are just a few days from Christmas, if you're listening when this episode was published. Merry Christmas to all. I hope you enjoy this podcast and if you haven't heard the previous 5 episodes. feel free to go check those out. If you like this episode, I know you'll enjoy the others. I'm having fun reliving the stories behind these fiddle tunes. I hope you'll pop by website and have a look at my many recordings, sheet music, music books and everything that is there, that would be greatly appreciated.

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Episode 5 - The Story Behind the Tunes - December 13, 2020

Episode # 5 already. I'm so enjoying this. Hear the stories and the music of 6 fiddle tunes. Feel free to share this podcast with your friends. I hope you enjoy. If you want to hear the story of a certain tune I've composed, let me know.

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Episode 4 - The Story Behind the Tunes - December 6, 2020

Thanks for tuning in. In this episode, as it gets published on Dec 6, 2020, you'll hear more Calvin stories and fiddle music from his travels and inspirations. Even a couple of Christmas pieces that he has wrote. 46 minutes to sit back, relax & listen to Calvin, as he lets you into his world of music & thought. Each episode gets published on Sundays at 2 pm (MST), so if you have the app installed on your device, for whichever podcast stream you're listening to, they should just appear and you're set to go. You can even download them into your smartphone so when you're driving down the road and you're tired of commercial radio, you can listen to The Story Behind the Tunes and not use up your data plan. How cool is that? I hope you enjoy.

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